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'Living your best life at EVERY stage of your life'

Shine On! For Life Health & Weight Coaching
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personl growth and emotional freedom



Individual Life Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Emotional balance and happiness Coaching

Stress Management  Coaching

Weight-loss Coaching & Clinic

Wellness Coaching for Chronic Illness

Career Confidence & Success Coaching

Adolescent Coaching & Mentoring

Relationship Coaching

Pre-Birth & New Parent Coaching

Wellness Coaching for Senior Citizens

Transformational Workshops

Evening Classes

and much more!

Shine On!

I truly believe that we are called to personal growth at EVERY stage of our lives- from the young to very old.

We are all capable of and are in fact challenged to continue personal growth throughout our lives.

Each time we personally transform we reach a new level of understanding and contentment with our lives.

Shine On! Life and Wellness Coaching and the Shine On! Studio were conceived to help you re-ignite your passion for life by facilitating and supporting your own personal growth.

Whatever your current circumstances, we can help you to continue shining!

Live your best life now!

Life direction coaching
Focus on:

Resilience & Thriving through Change

Authentic living

–finding your path back to yourself

Cultivating Radical Self-Acceptance and Compassion

Physical & Emotional well-being

Weight-loss Coaching & Clinic

Challenging negative and self-limiting thinking

How to find Inner Balance and Joy

Helping people with chronic disease live their best life 

The art and science of Mindfulness

(Re)discovering your life purpose

Bounce Back!

(restoring your zest for life)

Crisis as a pathway to personal growth

New Year, Fresh Start!

Forever Young

Spiritual Coaching

Music and poetry

as a pathway to healing life’s hurts and inspiring the journey

Forever Young Coaching
Confidence and Success Coaching
adolescen and child coaching and mentoring


Adolescent and child coaching

I have a special interest in young people and in facilitating their path to self discovery.


A strong self-concept is vitally important in order to cope with life in the 21st century and to develop the agility required to survive and thrive with constant change.

Shine On! offers a dynamic, structured program with constant practical application that helps a young person deal with the changes and competing pressures they are experiencing in a positive and resilient manner, setting themselves up for early success and confidence.

It's never too soon to shine!


Shine On! does not provide therapy or counselling-

Instead, coaching is about helping people to reach their full potential through providing inspirational ideas for personal growth and change, facilitating goal setting and a structured plan of action, and encouraging accountability-

It is your life- So, Shine On!

Quiet Rain

Coaching for chronic disease & ageing

I have a very special interest in meeting the needs of people with chronic disease


those who are ageing,

coaching them to live

the best, most positive and happy lives possible

It's possible to shine at any stage of our lives!