About Colleen

My Approach

We are all called to shine on through our lives, but sometimes we get stuck.



We are filled with a sense that we are not living up to our full potential.

Life’s events can begin to weigh us down or we feel a sense of stagnation, confusion and sometimes despair and fear.


Or we are simply bored and dissatisfied, and wonder..

is this all life has to offer me?

But no-one needs to remain in a place of dissatisfaction or sadness. Often it is from that very place that the most dramatic breakthroughs in our life are made.

Or maybe you are an achiever who has met many life goals already, but now need to re-assess your life and re-discover your purpose and highest fulfillment.


Every human being is inherently creative and resourceful and has the power within themselves to reach higher..my role is to guide you towards re-discovering that power.

My coaching is grounded in a true and tested framework that leads you towards breaking through your current obstacles and limiting beliefs about yourself,

 and supports you in reaching the next phase of your personal life goals.


My wellness coaching is a gentle, holistic approach geared towards strengthening you in body, mind, emotions and spirit and increasing your resilience to stress and life challenges.

It’s about loving life again!

My approach involves combining the latest findings in neuroscience and academic research on change, self-compassion and personal growth, with my deep seated love for my fellow travellers on the challenging path of life.

I am highly influenced by music and lyrics and believe that these often have the power to speak to us on an inspirational level that reaches beyond our cognitive self to the emotional & spiritual centre where real healing and change can occur.


So you’ll find my coaching and workshops are interwoven with lots of music to uplift you and facilitate joyful change. Expect to be inspired by the poets of our generation, our troubadours and storytellers.


Join me for one of my workshops or evening classes, or allow me the privilege of becoming your personal coach, encouraging you and cheering you on as you soar to new heights in your life.


Life & Life Purpose Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Adolescent Coaching &  Mentoring

Relaxation, meditation and focusing techniques for health and well-being

My story

Let me introduce myself to you!

I am happily married, in my second marriage and with 3 lovely grown-up children.


I began life as a teacher, being inspired to work with adolescents, then through a series of life circumstances, ended up in the corporate world (I.T.) where I had a successful and long-lasting career.

My husband and I have been running our own software company for a decade now, but my heart still yearned after a career with people and personal development.


I have always had a interest in mentoring and coaching others and had been doing this on an informal basis all my life, both with my staff and with adolescents in my personal capacity. 


I have also had a life-long fascination for psychology and have always kept current with the latest research, especially the exciting new developments in neuroscience and its implications for personal growth.

I believe I am able to offer my clients a great deal of understanding as I have lived a full life, and have experienced marriage, parenting, divorce, a second marriage, a corporate career, retrenchment, financial challenges, entrepreneurship, care and death of older parents  etc..-challenges that are shared by many of us in life.

I have certainly made my own share of mistakes and taken a few tumbles, and have acquired some hard-won wisdom and experience along the way.


Through it all however, I remain extremely young at heart and maintain an irrepressible ‘Joie de vivre’.

Life is indeed a joyful thing regardless of the challenges we all have to face!


I love people and intuitively understand  them, which assists me in asking the right questions and tailoring my coaching to fit clients' individual requirements.


I am also deeply empathetic and I think my clients perceive this and so are able relax in my company.

I had a personal experience of coaching when I was a lost young adult and the experience turned my whole life around from unhappiness and failure towards achievement and fulfillment.

So I can testify to the power of coaching and would love to give back to the world by helping you on your unique journey.