Shine On! For Life Health andWeight loss Club

January 01, 2020

Shine On! for Life Club is a health and Nutrition Club that supports your weight loss through a guided program that addresses the root causes of unhealthy lifestyle choices, re-educates on the purpose and practice of nutrition for healthy weight loss , and teaches stress relief and relaxation techniques to prevent stress-based eating.

We also include safe, gentle fun exercise sessions to wake up your metabolism and set you back on a path to health. 

Start Strong

A Coaching and Mentoring program that builds resilience and a strong sense of self and  community in the adolescent or young adult,  equipping them to meet life's challenges head-on.

Refresh You!

A fun 4-week evening class or weekend workshop where we take stock of your life and set strategic goals for the year ahead.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program

Too many of us are approaching burn-out from the stress of our fast-based lifestyle and the diverse demands placed on us on a daily basis.

Stress is now understood as being one of the top contributors to the development of 90% of our modern illnesses.


The mind-body connection to health or illness has been established in many recent compelling scientific studies. It is therefore of crucial importance to learn how to manage our response to the stress we all encounter in our daily lives.

Experience the transformation that mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques can bring about in reducing your experience of stress and its effects on your emotional and physical well-being.

Quiet Rain -Holistic Coaching Workshop for times of illness *NEW*

When dealing with the challenge of an acute or chronic condition,

conventional treatment only goes so far

in helping an individual cope with his or her circumstances.

Quiet Rain Coaching is based on the 10 universal holistic factors

found by the latest research to be essential in facilitating your healing process

or in simply enabling you to live a thriving life in spite of your condition.

Peacefully Pregnant

Pre-birthing Classes for Body, Mind and Spirit...

The Resilient Person

Learn the tools of resilience that anchor you & help you to live positively in a world where change is constant

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Discover this powerful tool as a path to personal healing and connection with others

Crisis as a pathway to growth

Growing through life transitions and personal crisis

Design Your Life Boot Camp

Setting your compass north

Can be run as a weekend workshop or a 4 week course

The science and art of Lasting Change

The science of long-lasting change and the techniques you need to get you there!

Bounce Back!

A fun 4 week course to help you regain your mojo when life has become a little grey

The Highly Sensitive Person

It is estimated that up to one in five people are what psychologists term a 'Highly Sensitive Person'.

Many of these people are also what is now known as an 'Empath'. These are highly empathic people who are sensitive to and empathetic towards others, especially those in distress.


Although empathic people are vital to a healthy society, living as a 'Highly Sensitive Person' can be extremely challenging and emotionally draining. This course teaches you the techniques to manage your life so that you are able to thrive and shine in our fast-paced world.

Building Character Boot Camp

A 'take no prisoners' course for the younger person in building a strong foundation.

May be taken as a bootcamp weekend or a 4-week course

Ignite your Creativity

Every person is born with in-built creativity and fostering that creativity is the key to a living a vibrant  life.

This 12-week course is based on Julia Cameron's landmark work on creativity and gains its power from the group dynamics.

Express Yourself

Finding your voice..

A writers' course.

Digging Deep - Uncovering meaning in your life

An intensive 12 week course that digs deep

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