I employ the Co-Active Coaching approach 

that gets to the core of who you are,

focusing on deep learning as well as action


to sustain long-lasting change.


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Life Coaching

There are times in our lives where we feel stagnant, or where we hit a crisis point or where we feel the need to grow to take our lives to a new level.

Life Coaching addresses your specific needs and goals and develops a personalised program to address your own aspirations for your life.

Life coaching is an uplifting and wholly positive experience that breaks the chains holding you back  and can benefit everyone, at any season of their lives, and whatever the circumstances.

Life Purpose Coaching

Re-defining the needs and values of the current season of my life in order to discover what my life purpose during this season could be and to develop a plan to live out this purpose in an intentional manner.

Adolescent Coaching

Confidence & Success Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching covers both physical and emotional wellness, as science now proves that mind and body cannot be separated from one another!

Positive psychology insights are used as we work on techniques to improve happiness and positivity.

Wellness coaching also includes coaching those with chronic disease, helping them to live a positive and healthy life in spite of their condition.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Coaching

Too many of us are approaching burn-out from the stress of our fast-based lifestyle and the diverse demands placed on us on a daily basis.

Stress is now understood as being one of the top contributors to the development of 90% of our modern illnesses.


The mind-body connection to health or illness has been established in many recent compelling scientific studies. It is therefore of crucial importance to learn how to manage our response to the stress we all encounter in our daily lives.

Experience the transformation that mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques can bring about in reducing your experience of stress and its effects on your emotional and physical well-being.

Quiet Rain -Holistic Coaching for times of illness *NEW*

When dealing with the challenge of an acute or chronic condition,

conventional treatment only goes so far

in helping an individual cope with his or her circumstances.

Quiet Rain Coaching is based on the 10 universal holistic factors

found by the latest research to be essential in facilitating your healing process

or in simply enabling you to live a thriving life in spite of your condition.

Weight-loss Coaching & Clinic

Individual Coaching for physical vitality, health, nutrition & weight loss.

Shine On! Studio offers a holistic and comprehensive program that aims to restore your physical health and balance, helping you to break free from unhelpful habits and to replace these with the techniques that will get you confidently to your health and/or weight-loss goals.

Shine On! Health and Wellness Coaching focuses on:

-Uncovering and healing the root causes of unhealthy lifestyle choices
-Creating a personally designed program to guide you into your new healthier lifestyle habits and choices
-Guidance on the correct nutrition choices to help restore mental, emotional and physical health and well-being
-Options for exercise that don’t have to include sweating it out with a personal trainer
-Stress Management strategies, relaxation, mindfulness and gentle yogic practices to keep you serene and focused on your journey back to health

Join me in our beautiful natural setting by the lake and together we’ll find the way back to a healthier and happier You!

Second Journey Coaching

You're at midlife. Your children have left home, you may be retired, or about to retire, but you still feel young and vital..and you want to make the next 30 years count.

Second Journey Coaching is focused on helping you to re-purpose your life by igniting your creativity, helping you to re-define your worth and supporting you in crafting a new and practical vision for your life.

The world needs your wisdom and strength. Don't waste all that talent and experience. It's never to late to re-craft a place for yourself in the world.

Digging Deep - examining your life at depth to dscover meaning

Coaching to focus on the Big Questions in life...What is the spiritual dimension of my life, why am I here, is there a God and what should my response to this answer be?

We look at techniques to uncover who I really am in the light of these discoveries and to define my personal principles and values that will guide me in the way I wish to live my life.

We develop the practices that will take us forward on our spiritual journey in Life.

Forever Young Coaching

It is never too late to live the season of your life to its fullest and to find happiness,, meaning and fulfillment.

Shine On! coaching has strategies, skill-sets and exercises to bring you back to joyful life.

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