Start Strong

A Coaching and Mentoring program that builds resilience and a strong sense of self and  community in the adolescent or young adult,  equipping them to meet life's challenges head-on.

Refresh You!

A fun 4-week evening class or weekend workshop where we take stock of your life and set strategic goals for the year ahead.

Design Your Life Boot Camp

Setting your compass north.

Can be run as a weekend workshop or a 4 week course.

The science and art of Lasting Change

The science of long-lasting change and the techniques you need to get you there!

Bounce Back!

A fun 4 week course to help you regain your mojo when life has become a little grey.

Building Character Boot Camp

A 'take no prisoners' course for the younger person in building a strong foundation.

May be taken as a bootcamp weekend or a 4-week course.

Crisis as a pathway to growth

Growing through life transitions and personal crisis.

Digging Deep - Uncovering meaning in your life

An intensive 12 week course that digs deep.

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