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Peacefully Pregnant is a completely different kind of pre-birth class, not the kind your mother attended!


There is increasing scientific evidence that a mother’s mental, emotional and physical health during pregnancy has a direct and long-lasting impact on a child’s own well-being, through babyhood, childhood and into adulthood.
At the same time, women are facing stress on an ever-increasing daily basis, and are often so busy with the demands of daily life that they fail to truly experience their pregnancy in a mindful way.
Pregnancy should be a magical time, where you connect deeply with what it means to be a woman, with a new life developing inside you.
'Peacefully Pregnant' classes provide a sanctuary where you can block out the world for a time and learn how to prepare your heart, mind and spirit both for your pregnancy and for your first year of motherhood.
'Peacefully Pregnant' aims to connect a mother to her unborn child in a special bond that will last a life-time.
Each class covers topics that address your mental outlook, emotional health and physical well-being, preparation for birth and motherhood, and includes time for questions and sharing.
We teach mindfulness techniques and meditations to promote tranquility and bonding with your child. We include simple yoga moves and other holistic therapies to relieve any stress and any anxiety you may be feeling about the pregnancy and birth of your child.
Whether you are newly pregnant or in your third trimester, it’s never too early or too late to benefit from the learning and skills provided by 'Peacefully Pregnant' classes. Those preparing for pregnancy are also welcome.
The earlier you learn the information and techniques, the better your pregnancy will be both for you and for your baby!