Adolescence and young adulthood can be extremely challenging

Adolescence and young adulthood can be extremely challenging.

Issues around:

Social Skills

Body image





Life direction

Happiness & Resilience to life stressors

Purpose, Meaning & Fullfillment

may be challenging your child and causing him/her to act out or withdraw or indulge in risky behaviours.

Life Coaching can have a profound impact on your child's outlook on life and sense of well-being.

Life Coaching can help to:

- build self-awareness and strengthens social skills

- build strong self-esteem and confidence

- build resistance to peer pressure

- strengthen motivation & performance

- normalise body image & acceptance

- define strengths and values

- help your teen or young adult choose a life direction that will bring him or her authentic happiness, meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Contact me for a free introductory session where we can discuss this further and see if Life Coaching is a fit for your child.

It is an investment towards your child's future that will continue to reap rewards throughout his or her lifetime.

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