It's the first of September and Spring is here... that Winter's finally over, do you find yourself feeling full of vibrant health, energy and optimism, ready to face the Summer or are you feeling a little sluggish, unhealthy or out of shape and out of ideas on how to restore your physical and emotional well-being?

Shine On! Studio offers a holistic and comprehensive program that aims to restore your physical health and emotional well-being, helping you to break free from unhelpful habits and to replace these with the techniques that will get you confidently to your health and/or weight-loss goals.

Shine On! Health and Wellness Coaching focuses on:

-Uncovering and healing the root emotional causes of unhealthy lifestyle choices

-Creating a personally designed program to guide you into your new healthier lifestyle habits and choices

-Guidance on the correct nutrition choices to help restore mental, emotional and physical health and well-being

-Options for exercise that don’t have to include sweating it out with a personal trainer

-Stress Management strategies, relaxation, mindfulness and gentle yogic practices to keep you serene and focused on your journey back to health

Join me in our beautiful natural setting by the lake and together we’ll find the way back to a healthier and happier You!

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