'New Year, Refresh You' workshop Ramsgate KZN 24/2th March

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Shine On! Studio is hosting a ‘New Year, Refresh You’ Life Coaching workshop in Ramsgate, Kwa-Zulu Natal on the 24/25th of March.

Come and join us for a weekend of learning, laughter and bonding as your breathe freshness back into your life.

The workshop is in essence a mini life coaching experience, but being a workshop, encompasses much more. It aims to create a practical, immersive experience, where we take stock of our lives thus far, re-build our strength and purpose and look to the future with optimism and resilience.

Its core purpose is to re-build your spirit from the inside out so that you feel empowered and truly alive to the possibilities of life. It’s also lots of fun!

We can make as many resolutions to ‘grow’ as we like, but nothing beats being part of a small group and engaging all the senses to inspire you and help you to commit to something more.

The course is suitable for anyone who:

Wishes to re-energize their lives in a fun and creative way

Wishes to re-gain the confidence to step out boldly and happily into the future

Wishes to refine/refresh their future with a vision and a plan

Wishes to become ‘unstuck’ and move forward again with their life

Wishes to come away with a clearer answer to:

-Who am I now? What’s next?

-Where am I called to on my personal journey and how do I get there?

-What tools can I use to help me on the way?

Wishes to draw the energy and strength that comes when from sharing and receiving the support of a group

The workshop costs R1000.00, all meals, materials and handouts included.

We do have limited accommodation if you wish to make the workshop a proper ‘retreat’ experience. Gather a group of girl friends and make it a special weekend getaway.

Come and join us at our beautiful venue Sausalito for an unforgettable experience.

Here’s what previous participants have to say about the course:

I hadn't taken time out for me for longer than I can remember. So when the chance came up to attend a course "New Year - Refresh You" I knew it was meant for me. What a glorious, beautiful setting for drawing a line under what has been and prepare your mind, spirit and soul for great things to be accomplished. We were so spoilt with information, tools and treats to tackle the new year and look for possibilities to grow and expand our horizon. Truly an investment in yourself you will never regret!

Dorothee N.

Unforgettable!! Best decision I made was to take this course. It has made me look at life with a more positive outlook. It was such a safe and comfortable environment where I could share my feelings without being judged. It was an unforgettable experience and I would suggest this to anyone looking for some inspiration and wanting to find themselves again.

Danell K.

What an awesome workshop with the incredible Life and Wellness Coach Colleen at Shine On! I learnt so much and left with a feast of new knowledge and motivation. Look forward to taking the next step and becoming my authentic self. Thank you, Colleen…I could not get enough and the weekend flew by…so rewarding

Sharon A.

An inspirational and empowering workshop filled with awesome moments, expertly guided by a caring coach in a beautiful, tranquil setting. Feeling blessed! Thank you Colleen.

Sharon K.

Your course is so amazing and insightful to the point where you feel emotions that you never thought existed. The visualizations put everything into perspective and make everything so surreal. The meditations are so awesome.

Being on the course is indescribable so i highly recommend you go on one of Colleen's course in order to get a full understanding.

By the time the end of the course had come, I definitely felt like a new person.

Colette G.

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