QUIET RAIN Holistic Healing Centre

I am so happy to announce the opening of the Quiet Rain Holistic Healing Centre

at Shine On!

When dealing with the challenge of an acute or chronic condition, conventional treatment

only goes so far in helping an individual cope positively with his or her circumstances.

Quiet Rain Coaching is based on the 10 universal holistic factors found by the latest research to be essential in facilitating your healing process or in simply in enabling you to live a thriving life in spite of your condition.

Our Centre aims to provide gentle support for you on your journey to physical or emotional healing, by itself or as a complement to any conventional medical treatment you may be receiving during times when you are unwell, or during times of stress and anxiety.

These treatments include individual coaching, guided meditation and visualisation, and various holistic treatments that are especially tailored to your individual preference and needs. These work with both your body & spirit to restore your inner peace and harmony, and to help facilitate the healing process.

We are not a Medical Centre and do not make unsupported claims about treating disease.

Rather, we aim to provide complementary treatments that help support your own healing, alongside any medical treatment you may be receiving.

This is definitely a calling placed upon my heart and bringing it to life now has been a joy.

I dedicate this Centre to my dearest Mother, who struggled so bravely with a chronic degenerative disease for so many years.

I wish I had known then how to help her, and it was her death on the 1st November 2008 that sent me on a 10 year study quest to really understand illness and health in a holistic way, and to uncover the deep link between the mind, emotions, spirit and body in maintaining the best possible quality of life at all stages of our lives, including the end stage.

I love you Mom, and I hope to honour you in this new endeavour at Shine On!

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