Is your weight beginning to concern you?

Is your doctor advising you to lose weight because of health risks?

Do you dream of the health and vitality your body once had and wish you could regain your shape?

It is possible to regain your youthful health and to begin living life again at full throttle, at any age!

Is for men and women of all ages

The focus is on fun and support for one another's health or weight loss journey.

The group stays in contact through social media

Detailed body composition readings are taken each meeting to determine health markers and track progress

Body Confidence Coaching teaches you how to love and value your body RIGHT NOW.

You will learn to protect and nurture your body, rather than focusing on your imperfections!

Group coaching sessions help to uncover the lifestyle habits and/or emotional causes of poor nutrition and to learn skills and strategies for overcoming these problems

Nutrition Coaching focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of how we need to fuel our bodies for health, vitality and weight-loss.

Ideas for meal plans and recipes to make healthy eating delicious too!

Optional choices for evidence-based meal replacement products to fast-track your weight loss journey and balance your nutrition while you re-build your healthy lifestyle and learn how to design better meals.

Stress Management Coaching teaches the skills, habits and strategies to deal with stress in a balanced and helpful manner as we navigate our life's journey

This is the fun part!

Gentle, enjoyable exercise sessions in the garden or next to our private park and lake (weather permitting)

or at the

Shine On! Studio

So what's my next step?


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